Milkweeds: Photobook


When I saw milkweeds for the first time I was in awe. I kept taking pictures because every milkweed is incredibly photogenic and begs to be admired. I wanted to make this book for a while, but didn’t know what narrative would fit this masterpiece of nature. Stages of life? Dying a little every year and then being reborn? Brittle charred stalks—a symbol of suffering? Globes of flowers attracting butterflies—helping others? Tumbling in the wind—vagabonds like us?

There are so many symbols, so many analogies we can bring along. As an artist, I chose a visual one—juxtaposing urban surfaces in their own life stages. A garbage bin’s shiny new coat of paint. The beginnings of cracks in a pavement. A rusted fence worn out by the elements.

But as much we try to interpret everything, life always escapes interpretation.
Let’s just celebrate milkweed’s otherworldly beauty… and us! To life!


July 2021